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Solar by Skysolar 

SkySolar is one of the largest companies of solar power in New Zealand. If you want to know about solar and hybrid options then call us today we have experts of solar installation in Auckland for your complete peace of mind and our panels and components come with extensive Manufacturer-backed warranties. click here to visit SkySolar

1… 2… 3… It’s literally that simple.

 SkySolar Solar Panels:

We have solar panel options to suit your power needs and budget, from our base polycrystaline panels to our monocrystaline range.  We stock the best domestic solar PV (photovoltaic) panels on the market. All panels come with a mounting system to suit your roof type or field installation.

SkySolar Wiring:

SkySolar technicians safely wire up the SkySolar panels to the SkySolar inverter.

SkySolar Inverter:

This is the brains of the outfit. The SkySolar Inverter takes the energy produced by your Solar Panels and distributes it into your electric power board. It is then used by your home or business electrics and appliances. Excess unused energy is distributed back into the local power grid.

You still use power in exactly the same way, without interruption. Solar when available, normal grid power after that.

A complete solar panel system

SkySolar sources its equipment and parts from the most reputable tier 1 manufacturers. Our team will ensure that the package designed for your home provides the best performance and longest life – ensuring years of hassle-free operation.

We are not here to make a quick sale but rather to start a long-term relationship with you to ensure your home runs efficiently in its power production and usage